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AUCTORIS has been assisting families and business owners globally to preserve and protect their wealth and business assets for future generations for nearly 40 years. As architects of wealth preservation, it has been our life's work to help you identify and successfully transfer your "true wealth" to your heirs and assist in preparing your heirs for what they will receive. We view our role as educating successful people on how they can use their wealth to perpetuate what's important to them. Our expertise includes planning and strategic uses of life insurance in the following ways:

Strategic Uses of Life Insurance
Multigenerational Values-Based Wealth Preservation
Business Succession
Family Business
Estate Tax Reduction
Charitable Gift Giving
Art Succession
Long Term Care
Life Settlement
Trust Owned
Policy Audit Services
Executive Benefits

Architects of Wealth Preservation Strategies
We are architects of wealth preservation stategies. We design alternative personal and business succession strategies to use your wealth to perpetuate what's important to you in a manner consistent with your values. Creating your "blueprint" is the first step in crafting your wealth and business transfer plan. Like architects, we build models to show you what you could do and then refine the models based on your input and the input of your other trusted advisors.
What We Believe
We believe that preserving private capital does more for families, their communities, charities, the economy and society as a whole than by default allowing a larger percentage of that wealth to pass to the government in the form of estate and income taxes.

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