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Audit Policy Review

Audit/Policy Review

AUCTORIS believes that life insurance is an asset that must be managed. We work with your team of estate planning advisors to make sure your life insurance meets your values, goals and objectives whatever the circumstance.

A life insurance audit provides you and your advisers with a comprehensive review of your life insurance policies. We check to see if your policy is performing as illustrated or if new risks to that performance have developed, we check the carrier’s current financial strength, provide an evaluation of premium to see if there are opportunities to decrease your costs, determine if newer underwriting guidelines can improve your rating and review ownership and beneficiary designations for accuracy.

The team of professionals at AUCTORIS will conduct a fully independent review to develop an analysis of your life insurance policies. We frequently provide reports on trust-owned life insurance, buy-sell policies, executive benefit policies, deferred compensation policies and personal policies. We help you uncover serious challenges and concerns that may be present. In addition, we believe that it is more important than ever for trustees and fiduciaries to actively manage life insurance policies that are trust owned under the Uniform Prudent Investors Act.

If you are unsure if your estate and beneficiaries are appropriately protected, please contact us for an independent audit. The peace-of-mind that comes from effectively managing this important asset is worth the limited effort of meeting with us.

Life Insurance Evaluation 
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