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Policy Service

Policy Service

For over 35 years, AUCTORIS has been committed to providing our clients with efficient, effective and proactive service with their insurance policies. We believe in holding strong relationships with policy holders and their advisors long after the initial insurance purchase. Our persistence continuously drives us to deliver outstanding value and service to our clients, while we continually evaluate our performance to ensure improvement to our processes. AUCTORIS will continue to monitor all policies acquired through us, along with keeping up to date on the financial stability and product enhancements of each life insurance carrier in order to certify that your policies are performing at their optimum level.

AUCTORIS customizes the insurance to your specifications and we expertly manage it over time. As your personal circumstances and estate, income and capital gains taxes can change so may your insurance strategy. Our client service department offers the highest level of service to address your concerns and requests in a professional, courteous and timely manner.

We will periodically meet with you and your advisors to review your policy’s performance, premium history and purpose. A life insurance policy review allows us to manage and adjust where warranted to keep up with your needs and goals. We will help you identify the steps and items that need to be addressed to bring or keep your policy up-to-date.

We are proud of the extended relationships we have maintained with our clients over the years and with multiple generations of the same family. We are committed to your family and your business’ continued success.

For questions about our unparalleled customer satisfaction and service, please contact our Director of Client Relations, Allison Rossi.

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