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Architects of Wealth Preservation

If you had the ideal piece of property on which to build your dream home would you immediately hire a builder, have them complete the home and then do a walk-through to see if it is what you want?

No, you would work with an architect first, discuss your lifestyle, your desired use of the house and design elements, then walk the property to select the ideal setting, have the architect design and build models that you can modify and approve to your liking.

In much the same way, we act as architects of wealth preservation strategies. We listen. We interview you, your family members, your business partners and others important to your succession plan. We educate, in a simple manner, about planning options. As architects of wealth preservation, we do not believe in recommending what you should do, but in educating you about what you can do. This empowers you to be the auctor – the originator-of your own wealth preservation plan or strategy.

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