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Business Succession: The Business Transition Process

For many business owners the vast majority of their net worth lies in their businesses. That is why business owners need to think about, and plan for, business succession.

Events such as death, divorce, disability or bankruptcy of an individual shareholder can wreck havoc on a business and ultimately result in lost revenue and, in some cases, corporate dissolution. Too often, owners do not plan for and address these issues until the event occurs.

At AUCTORIS, our business succession planning process begins with, and is focused around, your values. We help you see your options with clarity. For example, we:

  • Uncover tax consequences that could affect ownership and liquidity
  • Ensure that none of the value walks out the door when the owner leaves
  • Produce realistic valuations of business assets
  • Make sure that your buy-sell agreements are up to date
  • Address what would happen in catastrophic events like death or disability of a shareholder
  • Find potential landmines in the company’s financial statements
  • Identify points of distrust within the business
  • Pull together the right team of advisors to ensure your goals and objectives are met
  • Create the organizational and administrative systems that allow the business to succeed without the owner’s involvement

As wealth preservation architects, we assist in the design of your business succession plan using our values-based process. A clear understanding of what is important to you, the owner, and the business is critical in designing appropriate planning opportunities. We break down our process into four phases:

  • Phase 1 – Current Planning Analysis
  • Phase 2 – Planning Opportunities Design
  • Phase 3 – Implementation
  • Phase 4 – Annual Review

Our uncommon values-based process gives us the needed insights into how to deal with your integrated plan, the complex financial issues, the preservation of your net worth, wealth creation and your exit strategy design.

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