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TrueWealth Transfers Are About Providing “Life” to Future Generations.

Successful TrueWealth transfers pass on more than money to future generations, they give the gift of knowledge, values, relationships, and access. Successful TrueWealth transfers give you satisfaction in knowing that your legacy is preserved, and that you have done everything you can to take care of the full spectrum of your family’s concerns.

Successful TrueWealth transfers are harmonious transfers of money, assets, values, ethics, knowledge, relationships and family opportunities to future generations.

This is meaningful because characteristics indicate as many as *70% of wealth transfers are not successful. We at AUCTORIS have made it our life’s work to help you identify, preserve and successfully transfer your TrueWealth to future generations.

It helps you take care of the full spectrum of your family’s concerns. Most firms help you prepare wealth for heirs, we help you prepare heirs for wealth by transferring more than money—those attributes that made you successful. It allows your heirs to continue down the successful path you helped blaze.

* Source: Institute for Preparing Heirs – based on field research with 3,250 affluent families.

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