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Events & Private Briefings

Auctoris Events

Auctoris hosts and partners on events nationwide and internationally. View our Events Calendar to see past event topics and sign up for upcoming events.

Private Briefings

An AUCTORIS Private Briefing is an intimate presentation for you, your family, friends, colleagues, trusted advisors, or members of your company’s management team on topics of interest in which the principals of AUCTORIS have a demonstrated, proven expertise.

These topics include:

  1. Preparing Heirs for the Successful Transition of Family Wealth and Values
  2. The Keys to Family Business Success
  3. Family Wealth Preservation Strategies
  4. Estate Tax Reduction Planning
  5. New Legislation and How it Affects Your Situations
  6. Life Insurance Strategies
  7. Charitable Gift Plannng
  8. Art Succession Planning
  9. Business Succession Planning
  10. Private Placement Life Insurance

AUCTORIS Private Briefings are entertaining as well as technically innovative and thought provoking. Typically, the Private Briefings involve a Powerpoint presentation lasting 45 to 90 minutes with opportunities for interaction and questions.

The presentations include: stories, call studies, handouts, possibly some up front homework, and options to customize the presentation to your needs. They can be held at your office, in an upscale location with breakfast, lunch or dinner, or in your home. The size of the Private Briefings range anywhere from 5-8 couples to groups of 40 or more.

Please contact us for specific details.

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